Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.)–Initial Thoughts and Reactions

I watched the YouTube overview videos provided with the basic M.O.M. e-course at the end of last week. Together that was a little over two hours of my time, if I recall correctly. I placed the printed overview version in a 3-ring binder and followed along, and I think I now have a basic handle on how the system works.

My initial thoughts are an interesting blend of excitement and hope mixed with fear, anxiety, and disbelief.

Excitement because I’m the kind of person who is pumped by new ideas still in their conceptual stage. I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking and dreaming and brainstorming ideas, looking at possibilities, imagining how they MIGHT work, etc.

Hope because I’ve never embarked on a system like this in my life (that is, one designed by someone else as a complete organizational package), and the thought of having a mind free from stress related to planning, scheduling, tasks, routines, etc is beyond tantalizing–life is stressful enough without all of that! I would dearly love to offload that chunk of stress somehow, and if this is gonna do it for me, I am definitely hopeful about that!

Source: http://kerrilynneblog.com/2013/03/hope-is-the-thing-with-feathers-inspiration-friday/
Source: http://kerrilynneblog.com/2013/03/hope-is-the-thing-with-feathers-inspiration-friday/

I’m also trembling with fear and anxiety, and disbelief is holding back my hope like a choke-chain on a Labrador puppy.

I’ve tried to get organized a thousand times in my life and each time have failed pretty dismally. I HATE the feeling of being overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines and responsibilities, and the nagging sense that I’ve forgotten important details. I also know my weakness in this area all too well; my above-mentioned enthusiasm for new ideas quickly fizzles into apathy about the time the details of setting next actions begins, and by the time action is actually required, I’m off in search of other, more exciting (newer) ideas to explore.

So when I consider this new program and start to feel hope rise, that old sense of failure almost simultaneously leaps up and shoots it down, reminding me of how I’ve face-planted every other time I’ve tried in the past, and before I even begin I’m feeling defeated!

It doesn’t help that when I googled ENFP and “David Allen Getting Things Done” (which I also ended up buying for the Kindle, just to get a sense of the original principles and also share them with my husband–who doesn’t need the “momminess” of the Power of Moms version), I found a heap of articles on why GTD (and likely therefore M.O.M.) hasn’t worked for people with my personality type. Yay.

Just writing about this reminds me of a similar struggle that I’ve heard so many people share about, that of food cravings/dieting/weight battles. I’ve been fortunate thus far in life that my weight hasn’t been a major struggle to maintain, but I certainly relate to the love/hate relationship with certain food habits (like binging on sugary/starchy foods–my weakness). The emotional warring I’m experiencing over this whole productivity/organization topic is very similar to that of someone cycling through diets and eating plans and such.

Ultimately, it’s that age-old battle of going against our grain–learning discipline in some area, denying our first instincts and developing habits that aren’t natural or native to us. We want the payoff, but the work required to reach it can seem soul-shatteringly difficult, if not impossible, at times. It seems that most of us who engage in this battle frequently experience defeat, and many do give up the fight.

But a few persist. I’ve read stories from people who HAVE fought the battle and won. It is possible.

I think one thing I have to keep in mind is that even if this system does work for me (and it will no doubt take practice, trial and error, and customizing it to work for MY life and MY family), all the stress in my life is not going to magically go away. It may relieve one area of stress, but I will be disillusioned with it if I go in expecting that life is suddenly going to be a breeze.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Cautiously hopeful is perhaps the best description of my state of mind. But I have to keep moving. The longer I sit here thinking about it, the longer it will take to see a difference–if, in fact, any difference is to be seen!

Onward and upward, I hope.


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