Student Teaching Request

Hey Everyone!  I need some inspiration from YOU:)


***Who is your favorite (or who are some of your favorite) character(s) of all time? (Real or fictional)


***They could be from history, TV, film, literature… just tell me briefly why you like (or hate!) them, where they’re from (some frame of reference in case I’ve never heard of them), and if you have a favorite line/quote, even better!!!


WHY do I want your input???? Well…. it has to do with student teaching….. and me in costume…. post/email your reply, and I’ll let you know what I’m up to! (And I’ll post how it went when it’s all done;)


Oh yes, and if anyone happened to wonder (not that anyone did, b/c I think I’ve talked to anyone who did already) how that project went a few posts back—it’s done! Finished! I passed! Finally registered for classes a week or so ago (now that the semester’s nearly over, he he), and I’ll be working like crazy from now through the middle-end of June to get all the rest done.  Sigh… so close, and yet so far.


Speaking of, I’m debating on whether to participate in the grad. ceremonies this year.  I walked for my BA last year (which was enough of an anticlimax in itself, considering the two classes I had yet to complete), but this year, I think, will be even moreso since May 7 I’ll be smack in the middle of the heaviest part of student teaching with all my big projects still on the table!!! Hmmm…


Happy Weekend, all:)


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