I Don’t Want a Teaching Job!

So I went with my friend to the Santa Clara County teacher job fair this morning.  Talk about a meat market.  I think the one good thing I walked away with was an overwhelming sense of indignation–I refuse to fit the box!!!!  So what does that leave me with? I’ve spent the last five years of my life (and I’m not out of the woods yet) slaving toward this goal of becoming a “teacher,” only to discover here near the end that I was a teacher all along–and all the jargon and theory that’s been smashed into my brain for five years has done little more than elbow out the creativity and passion I once held for this thing called teaching.  Have I gone insane?!? Has the world gone insane?  Do they really think all that crap will produce good people, well-educated people, good citizens??? I don’t even want to beg to differ.  I just want out!!  Somewhere there has to be a place… meanwhile, I’m clinging to Romans 8:28 and all the passages like it–please make something good of all this in my life, Lord!  I guess the bottom line all along has been, what would YOU have me do?  Deep inside, I KNOW that’s all that will satisfy.  And it’s good.


” . . . out of all the voices calling out to me, I will choose to listen and believe the voice of Truth.” -Casting Crowns


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