Becoming an Auntie

I’m going to be Auntie Lissa in the fall!!! My little brother, Matt, called about a week ago to share the big news that Angela’s pregnant:)  Congratulations Matt & Angela!!!  I can hardly wait!  (Can you tell?)  We’d all been expecting the announcement anytime, since they’ve been married a year and a half now and have been looking forward to having kids soon, but when he actually called to say so… it’s weird!  My little goofball of a brother is gonna be a Daddy!!?!  At least I know Angela’s pretty mature;)  But seriously, it’s very exciting.  The MAJOR bummer though is that M&A live in Jacksonville, FL.  First baby of the next generation, and s/he has to be born on the east coast!  Sigh… guess I’ll just be catchin’ some FL sun come October/November:)


Okay, that was the major news of the moment.  Otherwise… my life is at a crisis this weekend.  Ever sign up for so many things at once and then discover that you’re only human?  Yeah.  I’ve done that a few times in my life and I never seem to learn my lesson.  So, I’m gonna get back to digging myself out now.  Hopefully there’ll be another entry after this telling how it all turned out okay…. TBC:)


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