Learning the Language

The days are really beginning to meld together now…. between school during the day and tutoring afternoons/evenings, with homework all squeezed in the cracks–it’s gonna be a full semester!  But I’m loving the experience for all it’s worth.


I’m “observing” a beginning ESL class at the school where I’ll be student teaching, and half the students are recent immigrants from all over the world whose English skills range from barely “hello” to conversational.  It’s been so challenging–but exciting–to work with them.  Reminds me so much of being on the other side, in a foreign land, straining to understand not only the words swirling around me, but the language of movement and expression, the underlying worldview motivating and coloring day-to-day life.  It’s hard work learning a new language and way of life!  Sigh… makes me wish I could try it again tho:)  I miss traveling!


So, that’s life in South San Jose for me right now.  Back to work!


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